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DO NOT move the arm when Power on

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Dear all,

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Glad to see that some of you have already received the 101hero! and the issues you encountered when using 101hero…And actually, we have run a 24h x 14 day pressure test for the performance boundary and the durability and the printers worked very well.

Based on the videos and photos you uploaded., our engineers found the problems were caused by the mis-treating on mini step motors.

Here is a reminder: Do NOT force the sliders move when the power is on!

When the power is on, the controller is controlling the Step motor, and the step motor is working even it does not move. If you force it to move with hand, you will feel the resistaance to move it with power, and DON NOT MOVE IT.

We have uploaded a video to show you the correct steps. Back to the issue: If you force to move the motor, it will be broken very easily.

What`more the reverse electrical current might occur, and we also record a video to show it. Again, do not force the slider to move once you finished assembling. We are gonna release more "control file" later, and with the control file 101Hero will move the arm to starting point and more.


101Hero team

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