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Components ready for assembling!

Dear 101Hero Backers,

Thanks for being patient with us. We have achieved a new milestone and the components have been produced and ready for assembling. Something else we are working on are the package design and manual instruction.

Here are a few more photos to update with you, and we are very optimistic to deliver as we promised!

As an appreciation, we have another surprise for you! 

You can get US$20 off if you also want a 3D Printing Pen. Visit, and use the coupon "101HERO", and You only need to pay US$19 to get a 3D Printing Pen to paint 101Hero printings ;) 

The 3D Printing Pen will be shipped together with your 101HERO 3D Printer. 

Note: only 101Hero backers are eligible for the coupon.

101Hero Team.

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