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Choose your Favorite color

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Hi dears

So sorry for late send out the survey, because we want to come up with some funny things.


You must understand what it means. :) So which one would you pick?

Oh, one more things, we just want you to chose the color, and if you want the "tattoo", please download it from our web and make your own stickers. We do not want any trouble of Pokemon copyright. BTW, we all love Pokemon.

So, Blue, yellow, green or Red, which one would you pick? Reply us via survey.

(Due the first 2000 PCS is made by blue, so, if you want the other 3D colors, your 3D printers may be ship at the beginning of November, but we would try our best to hurry up, all the parts are ready now)

If you want the additional 3D Printer Pen, please do it ASAP. Because if your 101HERO 3D Printers ship out. the discount coupon will be disappeared. For more details, please see previous update.

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